Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Argus?

    Argus is a platform dedicated to natural hazard risk management. Implementing a multi-hazard risk approach, it allows real-time modelling, assessment and analysis of disaster risks across all dimensions (hazards, exposure, vulnerabilities and capabilities). This digital platform has a strong spatial and geographical component (Geographic Information System, GIS).

  • What is Atlas?

    Atlas is a risk index platform that presents risk data through an easy to read graphical dashboard that facilitates informed decision making. It has long been acknowledged that risk-based decision making is the best tool to assess the likelihood that a functional, administrative or security breach will endanger an asset or individual and to identify the actions required to reduce the vulnerability and mitigate the consequences of a breach.

  • What is our corporate policy?

    Alcyon believes that transparency is a core component of efficient and ethical corporate governance; therefore, all business transactions are completely transparent and fully accounted for. Alcyon is committed to the highest standards of service and works in full compliance with international laws and directives. It is the company's policy to provide a secure working environment for its staff by establishing and maintaining the necessary security measures to prevent unlawful acts, which may endanger the security of persons and property. Alcyon guarantees its commitment on matters of law and security, declaring that all work conducted by its personnel will be effectively supervised in order to comply with international provisions.

  • How do we protect your data?

    Privacy and security is the highest priority at Alcyon. Our holistic strategy is similar to those used by banks and includes strict employee policies, encrypted data and state-of-art guarded storage facilities. We have a fundamental approach to engineering that starts with security at the core and then adds in features and functionality.